Sunday, April 19, 2015
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S21sec creates the tool to manage all information in the tourism sector on the Internet

The exponential increase of information in the tourism sector poses serious difficulties for tourism businesses, institutions and administrations in managing, identifying and optimizing the search for content of interest. For this reason, S21sec, leading cybersecurity technologies and services and strategic intelligence, will create through its experience in developing information technologies for searching, indexing and classification of open source information, the Periscope Tourist application in collaboration with agents specialized in the tourism sector. 

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KSI VerifyPDF available in App Store


In 2011, KSI has launched a version of its digital signature and encryption library for Mac.

KSI now has created an application that allows you to verify digitally signed PDF files. The application integrates with the mail program which allows a user who receives a message with a digitally signed PDF file, to open this file in the application "PDF KSI Verify" and verify the digital signature.

The application is available on the App Store for free: KSI VerifyPDF

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TB-Solutions provides security to the electronic signature in Uruguay

Logo TB-Solutions

The Agency for Electronic Government and Information Society (AGESIC) of the Uruguayan Government, responsible for the creation and operation of the ACRN (National Root Certification Authority of Uruguay), has established the ACRN operation of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. This infrastructure includes servers, security cryptographic devices (HSM), the basic software and applications for managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by TB-Solutions. This is a national security project as this infrastructure is the trusted source of any advanced electronic signature made in Uruguay hereinafter (Law 18,600 of Uruguay).

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